Commemorative Stroll

If you would like to take a stroll down Davie St, you can join us on one of our yearly walks, or use this part of the site to do it on your own.

1. The Speakeasy was the Columbia Inn restaurant and bar. The undisputed home of “Hookers on Davie”, it was where West End sex workers hung out, built community, safety, and security.

2. The government liquor store on Bute was the centre of the Davie Working Stroll, where many of the working girls hung out to attract dates and to meet up.

3. Formerly known as the Gay and Lesbian Centre. In 1979, Empress Daisy and Donn Duck raised over $1,500, and put it towards the building of the Gay and Lesbian Centre.

4. Pumpjack, former home of Au Petit Boo and Benjamin’s cafe. Important hangout for working girls and guys.

5. Denny’s was the former home of Black Angus Steakhouse. It was open 24 hours and all the gay/lez/bi/trans/hookers/hustlers went there for the famous steak soup after the bars closed.

6. Taurus Spa at 1233 Hornby Street was Vancouver’s biggest and most popular bathhouse, where hustlers turned their tricks.

7. Champagne Charlies was an early gay bar which opened in the late 1960s. It was a popular hang-out for the transsexual community, where many performed on the stage Friday and Saturday nights.

8. Money’s Dry-Cleaning was in the heart of tranny alley, where many of the transsexual sex workers relocated after the injunction.