West End Sex Workers Memorial: Redress and Reconciliation, 2016


PACE Society – Prostitution Alternatives Counselling & Education Society

PACE is located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC. They are made up of dedicated, compassionate individuals who are committed to providing sex-worker led and driven programs and services to survival sex workers. PACE Society promotes safer working conditions by reducing harm and isolation through education and support. They believe that sex workers are valuable members of our community and are entitled to the same rights as all other human beings.

Queer Youth on the Net: Identity, Agency and Community in the Landscapes of Computing

This project looks at how BC and Alberta QGLBT youth make use of the Internet, and seeks to advance knowledge regarding the significance of media in everyday lives of queer youth, social network formation, access to community and knowledge, participatory culture, role of technological know-how and savvy tech use by queer youth.


“Hookers on Davie and friends revisit the old neighbourhood” by Malcolm Parry, Vancouver Sun, July 4, 2009

Trans-gendered former sex-trade worker Jamie Lee Hamilton was out on Davie Street again Thursday. Not in her old role, but at least in old company. Now a community activist, blogger-journalist and putative politician, Hamilton fronted a six-block downhill trek from the Little Sisters bookstore to the VanCity Theatre, where a screening of Janice Cole and Holly Dale’s 1984 film, Hookers on Davie drew SRO viewers…

“Stroll recalls West End’s sex work history: Group raises funds for memorial in Vancouver’s gay village”
Video by
Nathaniel Christopher, Xtra West, Friday, July 03, 2009

On Jul 2, the Davie stroll came alive once more as community members, sex worker advocates and politicians marked the 25th anniversary of a court injunction that quashed the once vibrant sex trade in Vancouver’s gay village…

“Back when the West End had sex worker strolls” by Jeremy Hainsworth, Xtra West, Thursday, June 18, 2009

Newcomers to Vancouver’s West End often curse the traffic circles and multiple street blockages, believing them to be misguided traffic-calming measures. It’s not why they’re there. They were put in to stop johns trolling for hookers…

“UBC hosts Queerly Canadian conference” by Shauna Lewis, Xtra West, Thursday, June 18, 2009

While much of the conference was devoted to examining Rule’s body of work, a discussion panel concerning the protection of gay and transgender sex trade workers also drew attention to the history of queer space in Vancouver. Becki Ross, lesbian and instructor in the sociology department at UBC, talked about the forced dissolution of the active sex trade in the West End nearly 30 years ago…